The Lorenas: Wall Mounted Cacti Planters

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These planters are made to order, and take time to make. So please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

I've named my wall mounted planters after a good, but distant friend, Lorena Miguel. Lorena is from Santander, Spain, and we were interns at Studio Nacho Carbonell in 2012.  Lorena always carefully maintained the plants in the studio during our internships, and we would almost always see eye-to-eye when talking about design. I kept thinking of what Lorena would say while prototyping these planters.

The Lorenas come in sets, or families, of three. Each set is from one block of wood, making for very little waste. They are made to hold cacti and other succulents. The planters easily can be mounted on the wall with the hardware provided.

Available in two widths: 6" and 10"

Both widths are approximately 3" tall, and 5.5" in length.

Planters are finished with several coats of an oil and polyurethane mix both to protect and bring out the beauty of the wood. The mix will not pollute the potting soil, nor harm the plant in any way.

To install, decide on how you would like the planters to be spaced, and fasten the screws (one per planter) into the wall, leaving the head of the screw from the wall, extending an 1/8". Each planter has a "keyhole" groove cut into its' back. Simply place the keyhole opening over the screw head, and slide it into the groove. (Directions will be provided with every order.)

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